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How to choose a box compression strength tester?

The box compression strength tester is a multifunctional standard carton quality inspection equipment, used to determine the compression resistance of the carton, to prevent the product from being deformed and damaged during use, handling, stacking, storage, and transportation due to insufficient strength of the carton the undesirable phenomenon occurs.How to choose a box compression strength tester? The technician of HORIZON will explain to you, please check following details:

1.Test standards: TAPPI-804, JIS-Z02112, GB-4857, ISO-2872, etc.

2.Effective test space: The mainstream specifications currently on the  market are available from 600, 800, 1000, 1200mm. According to the suitability of the sample and the test space ratio, we recommend that it be within 85%.

3.Test range: generally within 5 ton, and some can be customized to 20 ton, so you should purchase it according to your own needs.

4.Test item: It must be able to test pressure resistance and stacking according to the standard

5.Transmission and mechanical structure: In the transmission structure, there are servo, frequency conversion, DC motor and servo motor with screw (screw) or gear adjustment transmission. The former is expensive for high-precision test results with high repeatability. The most important thing to note about the mechanical structure is that the design of the buffer and balance structure has a significant impact on the accuracy.

6.Control system: The mainstream has a microcomputer (microcomputer) with a printer, a human-machine interface (PLC), and a computer display or computer control. For the computer compression testing machine, it must be equipped with a servo motor to complete the computer control, otherwise it is all computer display

7.Speed: As long as the speed control range meets the standard, the servo motor can return to the initial test position faster and enter the next round of testing faster.

8.Repeatability: The above items will more or less affect the test results. It is very important to find a quality-guaranteed testing equipment, otherwise the test data will be different each time, and the difference will cause confusion.

Technical Features of Box Compression Strength Tester

 Microcomputer processing system, PVC control panel, user-friendly 

 Uses two precision lead screw and four precision-guided, to ensure the stability of the testing process, the upper and lower platen parallelism, high-speed transmission equipment 

 Carton compression tester with display, memory, statistics, print and display functions in real-time compression curve 

 During the test, the real-time display of anti-stress, deformation of other information 

 Carton compression tester with high-speed, high-precision positioning servo motor control technology imports to positioning accuracy, fast response speed 

 Data processing, statistical results can be directly obtained the data 

 With automatic reset and fault diagnosis function, easy operation 

 The latest software with real-time display compression curve function; the instrument has a powerful data management and analysis capabilities, data storage function

The box compression strength tester produced by HORIZON is specially used to test the compression strength of corrugated boxes, packaging containers, etc., to ensure product quality and safety during storage and transportation.