HST-01 Glass Bottle Thermal Shock Resistance Tester

Measuring Range: 0~60℃
Net Weight: 50kg
Supply Ability: 100
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

Glass Bottle Thermal Shock Resistance Tester HST-01 is used for the thermal shock resistance test for all kinds of glass bottle like beer bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, infusion bottle, bottle of antibiotics etc.

Technical Features

- With leakage protection device, safe and reliable performance

- Hot and cold water respectively automatic cycle, with double window thermostat, easy to operate

- Heating tank, cooling tank, sample cage adopt stainless steel material, durable

- Sample cage uses electric hoist is convenient to use and reduce staff strength

Test Principle

Setting temperature for high temperature tank and low temperature tank to make it reach preset temperature difference. A certain number of specimens in high temperature tank after high temperature heating, quickly placed into the low temperature tank, observe sample breakage. 


Basic Application Glass Bottles
Beverage Bottles
Infusion Bottles
Antibiotics Bottles

Technical Specifications

Item HST-01
Difference Measuring Range 0~60℃
Capacity High temperature tank 31L
Low temperature tank 56L
Instrument Dimension 900mm(L)×550mm(W)×1300mm(H)
Net Weight 50kg


ASTM C149-86, ISO/TC 63, ISO 7459:2004, BS EN 1183:1997, BS EN ISO7459, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 


Standard Configuration Instrument, Bottle Basket

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