Glass Bottle Wall Thickness Tester

Model: WTT-01
Thickness Range: 0-12.7mm (customizable)
Resolution: 0.001mm
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

Glass Bottle Wall Thickness Tester WTT-01 used for test wall thickness of ampoules, vials, infusion bottles, beer bottles, plastic bottles in food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries.

Technical Features

- LCD digital display

- Test the bottom and wall thickness of the bottle in one machine

- High precision meter, test resolution up to 0.001mm

- Flexible and measurable large and small samples


Basic Application Ampoules
Beer Bottles, Wine Bottles
Plastic Bottles

Technical Specifications

Item WTT-01
Thickness Range 0-12.7mm (customizable)
Resolution 0.001mm 
Specimen Diameter ≤100mm
Specimen Height ≤130mm 
Instrument Dimension 250mm(L)×80mm(W)×290mm(H)
Net Weight 5kg


GB2637-1995, GB/T2639-2008, YBB00332002

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