Vertical Axis Deviation Tester With Factory Price In China

Probe Lifting Mode: Electric
Item: VAD-10
Holder Speed: 0-30c/min Adjustable
Height Range: 5-350mm

VAD-10 Vertical Axis Deviation Tester

Brief Introduction 

Vertical Axis Deviation Tester VAD-10 is used to determination the vertical deviation of various bottles and containers in food and beverage, cosmetic bottles, pharmaceutical glass containers and other industries.

Test process is automatic completed, users only need to place the test specimen between the clamps. Vertical deviation will automatically rotate to read minimum and maximum deviation value, and depicts the roundness curve, help customers to analysis the sample quality. 

Technical Features

Microcomputer control, color HD touch screen

Automatic statistical maximum, minimum, deviation, user-friendly analysis

Easy fixture operation, high centering accuracy, improve the high measurement accuracy.

Vertical axis deviation test end automatic alarm, user-friendly design

Equipped with micro-printer, fast printing test results

Measuring head automatic movements, adjust the position of the measuring point, convenient and practical

Standard RS232 port for easy transmission of data

Test Principle

Fix bottle bottom on the horizontal plate to make the bottleneck contact with the dial gauge. Rotate 360°to read the maximum and minimum value,1/2 of maximum and minimum difference is axis vertical deviation value. 

Self-centering chuck high concentricity characteristics together with a stand which can adjust the height and position freely could meet all kinds container.


Basic Application
Glass Bottles
Plastic Bottles
Medicine Bottles
Cosmetics Bottles

Technical Specifications

Item VAD-10
Specimen Diameter 5-125 mm
Stroke 0-12.5 mm
Resolution 0.001mm
Probe Lifting Mode Electric
Holder Speed 0-30c/min Adjustable
Height Range 5-350mm


GB 8452, QB 2357, QB/T 1868, YBB00192003,



Standard Configuration Instrument, Micro-Printer

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