Medical Injection Needle Rigidity Tester Injection Needle Tubing Rigidity Tester

Deflection Measurement Range: 0-5mm
Setting Load: 1-80N
Needle Tube Specifications: 0.3mm-3.4mm (normal wall, thin wall, ultrathin wall)
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

MRT-01 Medical Injection Needle Rigidity Tester is suitable for the determination of the rigidity value of the rigid straight stainless steel needle tube for human intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous disposable injection needles, prefilled syringe needles, etc.

Technical Features

-The 7-inch color touch screen with intelligent data processing functions provides users with a comfortable and smooth operating experience

-Equipped with advanced displacement control system to ensure the accuracy

-Calibrated automatically, the operation process is simple and convenient

-Automated design, judges the end of the experiment, and whether it is qualified automatically

-Support a variety of specifications sample test, normal wall, thin wall, ultra-thin wall users can freely choose

-With data automatic storage, power-off automatic memory function

-Micro printer and USB data interface, convenient for data output and transmission

-Powerful data storage function, which can store more than 6000 data

-The computer software fully complies with the requirements of GMP "Computerized System", with functions such as user management, authority management, and data audit trail


Test Principle

Measure the deflection value of the needle tube by applying a specified force to the center of the specified span of the supported needle.


Basic Applications

Disposable sterile injection needle
Used to determine the deflection value of disposable needle tubes for human intradermal, subcutaneous, muscle and intravenous injection needles and rigid straight stainless steel needle tubes for other medical devices;
Prefilled injection needle
Rigidity test of stainless steel injection needles for prefilled syringes required by pharmaceutical packaging material standards

Extended Applications

Infusion needle
Used to detect the rigidity value of the infusion needle tube
Needle tube
Determination of rigidity values such as stainless steel needles, blood sampling needles, dental needles and biopsy needles

Technical Specifications




Deflection Measurement Range


Deflection Accuracy


Setting Load


Force Accuracy


Shelf Distance


Distance Accuracy


Needle Tube Specifications

0.3mm-3.4mm (normal wall, thin wall, ultrathin wall) 

Loading Speed

0-10mm/min (variable)

Speed Accuracy


Power Supply

AC 220V 50Hz/120V 60Hz

Instrument Dimension


Net Weight




GB 18457, GB 15811, YBB 00092004



Standard Configuration

Instrument, Micro-printer, Touch Screen,Test Fixture

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