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Test Range: 0-3000N
Resolution: 1/10000
Item: PCT-3000
Dimension: 390mm×350mm×690mm

PCT-3000 Crush Tester

Brief Introduction 

Crush tester PCT-3000 is used for test edge crush strength (ECT), flat crush strength (FCT) of corrugated board, bond strength (PAT) and diameter less than 60mm paper core crush strength (CMT).

Technical Features

Microcomputer processing system, PVC control panel, user-friendly

Adopts the upper pressure plate fixed type and high-precision weighing sensor to ensure the rapidity and accuracy of the instrument force value data acquisition

Automatic measurement, intelligent judgment results, automatic back, high degree of automation

Display of pressure value changes during the test in real time

Collecting data in the microcomputer pressure values, which high operation speed

Built-in mini printer output, convenient fast data output

Direct input weight and size, a direct result of the strength, convenient and simple operation

Synchronous motor drive, smooth, accurate, more accurate output pressure

LCD RMS position: 4


Basic Applicaiton
Paper (0.1~0.58mm thickness)
Corrugated Board 
Corrugated Paper

Technical Specifications

Item PCT-3000
Test Range 0-3000N
Indication Accuracy ±1%
Resolution 1/10000
Compression Speed 12.5±2.5 mm/min
Dimension 390mm×350mm×690mm
Net Weight 56 kg


GB/T 2679.8, GB/T6546, GB/T2679.6, GB/T6548, GB/T22874


Standard Configuration Instrument, Micro-printer 
Optional Configuration Ring Crush Sampler, RCT Sample Cutter, ECT Sample Holder, ECT Sample Cutter, PAT Accessories

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