MIT Folding Endurance Tester

Model: FET-01
Test range: 1~99999 Times
Folding Angle: 135°±2°
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

FET-01 MIT Folding Endurance Tester is a paper folding resistance tester developed according to the national standard GB/T 457 and ISO 5626. It is suitable for testing the folding resistance of paper, cardboard and other sheet materials with a thickness of less than 1.25mm.

MIT fold resistance is the logarithm (base 10) of the number of double folds when the paper sample is broken under standard tension conditions. Folding resistance has a great impact on the flap of the carton. Some cartons often have the flap broken, which affects the outer packaging of the product.

Technical Features

- Microcomputer control technology, experimental process fully automated

- Photoelectric control technology enables automatic homing fold chuck after each experiment, to facilitate the next operation

- Equipped with micro-printer

- Automatic measurements, statistics, print the test results, and has a data storage function

- Can be sampled at the same time, monitoring and control and display, measuring more quickly and accurately, more simple, more convenient

- The maximum value of the experimental data with the plurality of statistical samples, samples of the same group, the minimum, mean and coefficient of variation

- Folding endurance tester with a variety of anti-folding head and weight, wide application

Test Principle 

Paper or cardboard are reciprocating double fold number 135 ° under a certain tension. Ever after folded double fold number or frequency based on double fold in 10 at the bottom of numerical representation. Folding endurance tester record number of times when breaking.


Basic Applications Paper
Copper Foil

Technical Specifications

Item FET-01
Test range 1~99999 Times
Folding Angle 135°±2°
Folding Speed  175±10Tmes/Min
Tension Adjustment Range 4.91N~14.72N,9.81N Tension Plus, At least 17mm Spring Compressed
Specimen Width  ≤1 mm
Folding Head Width 19±1mm
Crevice Distance 0.25,0.50,0.75,1.00mm
Origuchi radius 0.38±0.02mm
Instrument Dimension 310 mm (L) × 380 mm (W) × 420 mm (H)
Net Weight 30kg 


ISO5626, GB2679·5


Standard Configuration Instrument, Micro-Printer, Folding Head

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