Reliable Film Pendulum Impact Tester Service

Resolution: 0.001 J
Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz/120V 60Hz
Port Size: Φ6 mm PU Tubing
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction

FPP-01 Film Pendulum Impact Tester is applicable to the determination of impact resistance properties of pendulum of plastic films, sheets, composite films, aluminum foils and other materials.

Technical Features

- 7 inch HD LCD, displaying test data and curves in real time

- Electronic measurement and adjustable range support various combinations of non-standard test conditions, test accuracy is up to 0.001J

- Pneumatic specimen clamping, pendulum release mechanism and horizontal adjustment system effectively reduce the errors caused by manual operation

- Provides automatic statistics of testing data

- Imported high-speed and high-precision chips guarantee the testing accuracy and efficiency

- Standard, modularized and systematic designs can meet personalized requirements of the users

- Key components and parts are supplied by world-brand manufacturers, which guarantee the stable and reliable performance of the instrument.

- Low energy consumption makes the instrument environment-friendly

- Equipped with standard RS232 port and micro-printer, which is convenient to PC connection and data transmission

Test Principle

Impact and break through the sample at a certain speed by the half round ball type punch to measure energy consumed by a punch to evaluate film pendulum impact energy value.


Item Info
Basic Applications plastic films, sheets and composite films
aluminized films
paper and paper board, e.g. aluminized paper for cigarette packages and Tetra Pak materials
Extended Applications Test range could be extended to 5J

Technical Specifications

Item FPP-01
Impact Energy 1 J, 2 J, 3 J (Standard), 5J (optional)
Resolution 0.001 J
Impact Head Size Ф25.4 mm, Ф19 mm, Ф12.7 mm (Customization is available)
Specimen Clamp Diameter Ф89 mm, Ф60 mm
Specimen Size 100 mm x 100 mm or Ф100 mm
Gas Supply Pressure  0.6MPa (Customers will need to prepare for gas supply)
Port Size Φ6 mm PU Tubing
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz/120V 60Hz
Instrument Dimension 590mm(L)×400mm(W)×600mm(H)
Net Weight 64kg


ASTM D3420, GB/T 8809, NF T54-116


Item Info
Standard Configuration Instrument, Pendulums of 1J, 2J and 3J, Standard Impact Heads of Φ25.4mm and Φ19mm, Standard Clamp Plates of Φ89mm and Φ60mm, O-ring ,Micro-printer
Optional Parts Pendulum of 5J, Customized Impact Head, O-ring

Note: 1. The gas supply port of the instrument is Φ6 mm PU Tubing;

        2. Customers will need to prepare for gas supply. 

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