WPW500D Electro-hydraulic servo dynamic and static universal material testing system

Maximum static test force: 500kN
Maximum dynamic test force: 500kN
Frequency range:: 0.1-20Hz
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


WDW-500D Electro-hydraulic servo dynamic universal material testing system is widely used for dynamic fatigue mechanical performance test of anchor bolts, steel strands and locks, and also for tensile, compression, low and high circumference fatigue test of various materials and components. By configuring the corresponding accessories and test software can be used for various materials crack extension fracture mechanics and various other mechanical tests.

Electro-hydraulic servo dynamic universal material testing system mainly composed of mainframe (upper 500kN servo linear actuator), snap-on chuck, constant pressure servo pump (flow rate 55L/min, system pressure 11MPa), full digital single-channel servo controller and computer printer, related test software, other necessary accessories, etc.


1.The mainframe is a four-post frame structure, and the servo linear actuator is placed on the crossbeam of the mainframe.the crossbeam action adopts hydraulic lifting, hydraulic clamping, elastic release structure to ensure that the crossbeam is stable and reliable during the test, while ensuring that the crossbeam remains locked in the non-test state.

2.The outer surface of the column is treated with electroplated hard chrome, which can effectively increase the column's ability to resist wear and tear and improve corrosion resistance, while increasing the aesthetic appearance of the mainframe.

3.The servo valve is a special electro-hydraulic servo valve FF106 for the fatigue testing machine.

4. Unitized, standardized, modular design servo linear actuator with low damping, high response, high life, and large clearance.

5.The servo linear actuator is designed with non-metallic support and large clearance, featuring high speed without sintering and self-lubrication. It can effectively reduce the internal friction resistance of the actuator and improve the service life of the actuator.

6.The servo linear actuator amplitude limit position is designed with a hydraulic buffer zone to avoid damage from uncontrolled operation.

7.Servo linear actuators with a frequency response of not less than 50 Hz.

.Constant pressure servo pumping station.

The pump station oil tank adopts a fully enclosed design, which can effectively prevent external impurities from entering the hydraulic system to pollute the hydraulic oil. The oil pump and motor unit are configured in tandem with double elastic support to further reduce the noise of the pump station. The pump station is equipped with a low-noise AC motor.

.Software systems

DynaTest900 control system software is dedicated to microcomputer control electro-hydraulic servo fatigue special test machine.

High speed acquisition of test load, displacement and deformation at 10000 times per second.

Real-time display of force-time, deformation-time, displacement-time test curves, automatic matching of coordinate sizes.

Multiple measurement limit protection settings for load, deformation and position.

Multiple control protections such as control overrun.

Sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, ramp wave, custom wave and other waveform settings, frequency up to 50 Hz.

Automatic shutdown protection for specimen damage.

Multi-test results statistical analysis, automatic generation of S-N curve, analysis results can be exported.

Test data can be saved as data files and historical data can be accessed at any time.

.Main technical performance indicators.

1.Maximum static test force: ±500kN, graded according to 1, 10 decay multiplier, the accuracy of the indicated value is 20% from ±1% per grade.

2. Maximum dynamic test force: ±500kN, amplitude fluctuation not greater than ±2%FS in each grade.

3. Maximum amplitude of the actuator: ±75mm, ±0.5%FS from 20% accuracy.

4. Frequency range: 0.1-20Hz .

5. Main test waveform: supported by the controller.

6.Constant pressure servo pump station specification: flow rate 55L/min, motor power 25kW.

7. Table size: 1200*800mm.

8. Maximum test space: 1000mm.

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