2000kn Concrete Compression Testing Machine

Maximum test force: 2000 KN (1000KN is optional)
Accuracy level of testing machine: 1 grade
Column distance: 380 mm
Maximum range of piston: 50 mm


2000kn Concrete Compression Testing Machine is a microcomputer controlled automatic pressure testing machine, which is suitable for compression test under rated test force. It can test the compressive strength of cement, mortar, concrete, aerated concrete, gypsum, sand and other materials.

Technical Features

- Adopts high precision sensor and digital display instrument, which can store, check and print test results

- Uses the rotating screw to adjust the compression space, which greatly speeds up the test progress

- Does not need to be debugged, and it can work after refueling and power on

- The calibration of the maachine is simple, and the user can calibrate it according to the operation manual

Technical Specifications

Item YES-2000B
Maximum test force 2000 KN
(1000KN is optional)
Accuracy level of testing machine 1 grade
Maximum distance between upper and lower pressing plate 320 mm
Column distance 380 mm
Maximum range of piston 50 mm
Upper and lower pressing plate size 240mm x 240mm
Motor power 0.75 kw
Net weight 650 kg

Installation Conditions 

1. Temperature within the range 0℃~50℃

2. Relative humidity lower than 95%

3. Noise level 25 DB

4. In an environment without obvious magnetic interference and surrounding non-corrosive media

5. In a shock-free, vibration-free environment

6. Leave space not less than 0.7m around the tester, clean and dust-free work environment

7. The base and rack are properly installed on a solid level base

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