30kN Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Testing Machine

size: 840*400mar*1850
power: 11kW
The maximum amplitude: ±75mm
Range of Frequency range: 0.1-25Hz


Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Testing Machine has the characteristics of convenient use, high control accuracy, and good reliability. This series of testing machines absorb international advanced electro-hydraulic servo dynamic testing machine technology in the process of research and development, combined with the actual use of domestic users, and are designed with the development concept of "unitization, modularization, and standardization". The key components of the testing machine are all selected internationally and domestically famous brand products or processed by international advanced technology, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the system.

Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Testing Machine  is widely used in the dynamic and static mechanical performance test of materials and parts, including tensile, compression, low-cycle and high-cycle fatigue tests of materials and parts. It can be used for crack propagation fracture mechanics of various materials and various other mechanical tests by configuring corresponding accessories and test software. Equipped with high and low temperature box, high and low temperature mechanical test can be carried out.

Meets EN12697, ASTMD4123, ASTMD3497 and other relevant standards. It can be used for uniaxial testing and research of asphalt mixtures to determine the modulus of resilience, Poisson's ratio, indirect tensile creep and strength, dynamic modulus, tensile strength, phase Physical characteristics such as angle and bending fatigue.


The host machine adopts double column structure.

It can perform symmetrical cyclic fatigue tests for metallic and non-metallic materials. At the same time, the static tensile test can also be carried out.

The AD850 universal test card and Italy ATOS servo valve are used in the measurement and control system. The automatic control of the whole process can be realized, and all keyboard operations are carried out.

It has the function of smooth transformation between three control modes, including load,displacement and deformation, automatically collects and processes test data, draws test curves, and prints test reports.

Waveform: sine wave,triangle wave, square wave and custom wave.

Frequency range:0.01-50Hz (depending on amplitude and other parameters determined).


Maximum static test force: ±30k:N

Maximum dynamic test force: ±30kN

The maximum amplitude: ±75mm

Range of Frequency range: 0.1-25Hz

Main test waveform: Supported by the controller

power  11kW

Specification of constant voltage servo pump station:flow≥30L/min, 21Mpa

Distance Between Columns(mm)580mm

maximum test space: 800mm

size: 840*400mar*1850

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