Medical gloves coefficient of friction testing instrument and testing method


The coefficient of friction is an important performance index of medical gloves, which is related to the convenience and slip resistance of the gloves.


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There are two main types of medical gloves: latex gloves and rubber gloves, at present, most of the medical gloves currently used are latex gloves.

Medical gloves are indispensable in the field of health care because they are clean and hygienic, prevent fingers from being cut and prevent cross-infection of germs. The coefficient of friction of the inner and outer surfaces of medical gloves should have different requirements, and the inner surface should have a lower coefficient of friction to meet the requirements of easy wearing of the gloves and prevent the inner surfaces of the gloves from sticking together when they are in contact with each other; The coefficient of friction of the outer surface should be high to prevent the medical staff from slipping easily when holding the medical device, and cannot hold the device firmly to perform the corresponding operation.

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Therefore, the friction coefficient test of medical gloves is an important factor to ensure the quality of gloves.

What testing instrument is used for testing the friction coefficient of medical gloves?

HORIZON TESTING INSTRUMENT Coefficient of Friction Tester for medical gloves COF-01 is applicable to determination of static and kinetic coefficient of friction of disposable medical gloves, compliance with the standard ASTM D 1894 "Test Method for Static and Kinetic Coefficient of Friction of Plastic Film and Sheeting" and GB 10006. This tester is suitable for measuring the coefficient of friction of non-adhesive plastic films and sheets with a thickness of 0.2mm or less.

Test principle of coefficient of friction tester for medical gloves:

The basis of this test is the calculation formula of the friction coefficient-the ratio of the friction force to the pressure perpendicular to the contact surface. The friction coefficient tester for medical glove applies a certain vertical pressure to the sample through a weight of known weight, and then tests the maximum static friction force and sliding friction force generated by the test sample from relatively static to relative sliding. That is static friction coefficient, kinetic friction coefficient.

Testing method of coefficient of friction for medical gloves:

(1)Cut 3 pieces of 8 cm × 20 cm and 100 mm × 63 mm samples from the sample surface to form 3 sets of samples. Do not touch the test surface of the sample during the cutting process.

(2)Take one of the 8 cm × 20 cm sample, with the inner surface of the sample facing upwards, and fix it on the horizontal test bench. Take a piece of 100 mm × 63 mm sample, the inner surface of the sample is exposed (that is, the outer surface is in direct contact with the slider) and fixed on the sled. During the process of fixing the sample, do not touch the test surface of the sample by hand.

(3)Place the sled on the horizontal test bench without impact to ensure that the test system of the equipment is not stressed, and the test direction of the sample is parallel to the moving direction of the sled.

(4)Set the test speed, test stroke and other parameter information, click the test button, the test starts, and the two samples start to move after 15 s of rest.

(5)The coefficient of friction tester automatically records the force value changes during the test and calculates the static friction coefficient and kinetic friction coefficient of the sample.

(6)Repeat (2) ~ (5) until the 3 sets of samples are tested.

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