Microcomputer Controlled Static Load Anchorage Device Testing Machine

Maximum test force: 10000 KN
Test force measurement range: 2%-100%
Test force indication accuracy: ≤± 1% (accuracy level: Grade 1)
Load measurement resolution: 1 / 300000


Microcomputer controlled static load anchorage device testing machine is a special equipment for the inspection and type test of the production enterprises of prestressed anchorage, the acceptance of anchorage for the use units of large engineering projects.

Technical Features

- PID parameters can be adjusted online. 

- It can control constant speed load, stress and displacement and constant load, stress and displacement, and adopt stepless speed regulation. 

- Automatic drawing of force displacement, force time, displacement time and other test curves, automatic editing of test reports and timely printing out; 

- The measurement system has the function of automatic zero clearing and automatic calibration, and the continuous whole process measurement is not divided into grades. 

- Can be used for group style multicolor curve contrast test, and any section of the test curve can be selected for regional amplification analysis, various test curves can be switched and displayed during the test process

Technical Specifications

Item MAG-1000T
Maximum test force 10000kN
Test force measurement range 2% - 100%
Indication accuracy of test force ≤± 1% (accuracy level: Grade 1)
Load measurement resolution 1 / 300000
Constant speed load control range 0.1 ~ 4% FS / s
Maximum displacement of piston 200 mm
Displacement measurement range 0-250mm
Displacement measurement accuracy ≤± 1%
Displacement measurement range 2-100% FS (continuous full range measurement)
Equal rate control accuracy 1% of the set value
Constant load and displacement control accuracy 1% of the set value
Displacement measurement accuracy ± 0.5% FS
Displacement measurement resolution 0.001mm
Tensile distance 3000mm
Dimension of host machine 4500mm × 740mm × 950mm
Weight 7000kg


GB/T 14370 "anchorage and fixture for prestressed reinforcement"

GB/T 2611 "general technical conditions of testing machine"

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