WVTR-I3 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester

Model: WVTR-I3
Test Range of Pressure: 0 ~ 1000 Pa
Test Range of Flux: 0 ~ 30 L/mins
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

WVTR-I3 Water Vapor Permeability Tester is designed and manufactured based on infrared sensor method. This instrument can be used to measure the water vapor transmission rate of barrier materials with high, and medium moisture barrier properties with a wide testing range and high testing efficiency.WVTR-I3 Water Vapor Permeability Tester is applicable to determination of water vapor permeability of plastic films, laminated film, high barrier materials, back sheet, sheeting, paper, sheet metal,packages and other relative packaging materials in food, pharmaceutical, medical apparatus, consumer goods, photovoltaic and electronic industries, etc.It can also be extended to test the water vapor permeability test of bottles, bags, tubes and other containers.

Technical Features

Advanced Technology

- High-precision laser pulse modulation infrared sensor, which significantly improves the test accuracy and stability

- Precise flow controller and automatic gas flow control effectively ensure the stable operation of the test process

- The world's first water bath temperature control system can realize automatic temperature control and a wider temperature control range

- Realize the independent temperature control of the upper and lower chambers and sensors, which effectively guarantees the accuracy of the test results

- The self-developed pipeline air system effectively ensures the tightness of the system pipeline

- Integrated test structure, the three chambers are tested at the same temperature and humidity to ensure the consistency of the test conditions of different test chambers

- The style clamping part adopts self-developed anti-leakage sealing technology to ensure the accuracy of the test

- Double pressure method for humidity control, automatic and precise humidity control, wide control range

Advanced Configuration

- 11.6-inch PAD with intelligent data processing functions, providing users with a comfortable and smooth operating experience

- Multiple test modes of manual, ratio, and cycle are optional

- The three test chambers can be independently tested, the test process does not interfere with each other, and the test results are displayed independently

- With automatic save function when power off, avoid test interruption caused by unexpected situation

- Automatically record the whole test process, automatically judge the end of the test and save the test result

- Efficient testing, low nitrogen consumption, short test time

- The system has the ability to self-check to avoid continuing the test in a faulty state

- Real-time monitoring of gas flow, automatic alarm when there is little or no gas

- Quick access temperature and humidity calibration socket, convenient for users to perform quick calibration

Professional Software

- Concise and intuitive operation interface, convenient user-defined test functions, and complete data analysis and reporting functions

- Powerful functions such as window display, curve overlay pair analysis, experimental report customization, raw data export, seamless docking with Office software, etc.

- Whole process monitoring, automatic recording of test data, sampling rate can be adjusted as needed, and automatic repeat testing

- Equipped with data traceability, which can realize functions such as multi-level authority management, audit trail, electronic signature, etc., which meets the requirements of GMP (optional)

- Provide professional customization services to meet the individual needs of users in fixtures, software, etc.

- Free software upgrade service for life

Test Principle

The test specimen is mounted in the diffusion cell, which is divided into a dry chamber and a controlled-humidity chamber. The dry side of the specimen is swept by a flow of dry nitrogen, and the water vapor permeating through the specimen from the controlled-humidity chamber is carried by dry nitrogen to the infrared sensor where proportional electrical signals will be generated. The water vapor transmission rate is obtained by analyzing and calculating the electrical signals. For whole package specimens, the dry nitrogen flows inside the specimen while the outside of specimen is maintained in a high humidity environment.


Basic Applications Films Plastic films, paper-plastic composite films, coextruded films, aluminum foils, aluminum composite films, glass fiber aluminum foil composite films and many others.
Sheeting PP, PVC and PVDC sheets, metal foils, rubber pads, silicon wafers and other sheeting materials.
Packages Plastic, rubber, paper, paper-plastic composite, glass and metal packages, e.g. plastic bottles, pouches, coated paper cartons, vacuum bags, metal three-piece cans, plastic packages for cosmetics, soft tubes for tooth paste, jelly and yogurt cups.
Extended Applications Closure Systems Water vapor barrier property of various closure systems for bottles, cartons and pouches.
Solar Back-sheets Water vapor permeability test of solar back-sheets
Plastic Tubes Water vapor permeability test of various sorts of tubes e.g. cosmetic tubes
Medical supplies and accessories medical supplies and auxiliary materials, such as water vapor transmission rate test of plasters, sterile wound care masks, beauty masks, scar stickers, etc.
Solar Back-sheets solar back-sheets and OLED packaging materials
Blister Packs Water vapor transmission rate of whole blister packs
Automotive and Small Engine Fuel Tanks Permeability of plastic fuel tanks
Battery Plastic Shell Water vapor transmission rate of battery plastic cell

Technical Specifications

Item WVTR-I3
Test Range Film: 0.001~40 g/m2·24h (standard)
Package: 0.00001~ 0.25 g/pkg·24h (Optional)
Resolution of WVTR 0.0001 g/m2·24h
Specimen Area 50cm2
Number of Specimens 3
Specimen Thickness <3 mm (customization is available)
Test Temperature 5 °C ~ 95 °C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1℃
Test Humidity 0% RH, 35%~95%RH, 100%RH(Automatic control)
Humidity Accuracy ±1%RH
Carrier Gas 99.999% High-purity nitrogen (outside of supply scope)
Carrier Gas Flow 0~200 ml/min(Automatic control)
Gas Supply Pressure ≥0.2 MPa
Port Size 1/8" metal tube
Power Supply 220VAC 50Hz / 120VAC 60Hz
Instrument Dimension 585 mm (L) x 640 mm (W) x 380mm (H)
Net Weight 50 kg


GB/T 26253, GB/T 21529, YBB 00092003, YBB 00092003, ASTM  F1249, ISO 15106-2,  TAPPI T557, JIS K7129ISO 15106-3, DIN 53122-2

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